29 April 2017

A Different Ripple Blanket

I have always wanted to make a ripple blanket. However, I've never attempted one because I get easily bored of simple repetitious patterns. When I set out to make a larger blanket for me and my son to cuddle with, and that can soon transition to his toddler blanket, I knew I needed to come up with a different variation of a standard ripple.

17 March 2017

Rainbow Sunburst Blanket

I wanted my little boy to have a super colorful blanket for his stroller and in the car so I created this rainbow sunburst blanket.

For this blanket, I didn't want a traditional rainbow but I still wanted it to be super colorful. Originally, I was inspired by Knit Pick's Hue Shift afghan (see the knit version for a better picture), but did not want to make something too similar to it. After a lot of trial and error on the computer (and a little color theory help from my husband) I came up with this design that sort of radiates a rainbow without being over the top.

12 December 2016

Baby Newsboy Cap

I have been a little disappointed with the hats available for boys at baby clothing stores. All I wanted was a cute cap with a little brim but couldn't find one for less than $20. So, I decided to make one.

04 December 2016

Santa's Baby Elf Hat

This Christmas, I wanted to make my baby a Scandinavian elf hat for taking our family holiday photos.

This hat is modeled after the hats from Finland that I used to wear as a child. These hats are a little longer than a typical Santa hat and do not have a white cuff. I have given instructions below if you want to add a white cuff to your hat.

03 December 2016

Sunshine Pineapples Scarf

Sometimes you just need to make something for yourself! I have been wanting a lightweight lace scarf or wrap for a long time.

I was inspired by the pineapple lace made by my great grandmother, but I have no use for a piece of lace. So, I decided to adapt the pattern to make myself a lace scarf. This scarf has just the drape that I have been looking for and is wide enough that, despite its lace pattern, it is reasonably warm when wrapped around my neck.